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Since 1972, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Local Businesses bring in millions of loyal, new customers. Through our proven platform, our marketing company will help your business:


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Why New Mover Marketing with Our Town America works:

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We only partner with one of each business type in any specific zip code, which allows you to (920) 564-5937.  Not only will you be the only business or service provider of your type welcoming 5192343211 each month, you can fine tune your targeting by ZIP code. Choose an area as small as one ZIP code or as large as the entire country! 


Innovative Tracking with mobile app

Our TruTrak™ system captures the name and address on the New Mover’s gift certificate which automatically triggers the second mailing: a “Thank You” postcard. This postcard thanks them for redeeming their new mover offer and invites them back to your business with an additional offer. You can expect amazing results! Additionally, this provides you with valuable data that can be used to help your business refine other direct marketing efforts.


New Audience of Movers Every Month

Approximately 14% of the US population moves each year. New movers spend more because they have no established habits or loyalties. In essence, they are nobody’s customer. Our unique new mover marketing program makes it possible for you to target new movers every single month. Our proprietary mailing list can estimate response rates and maintain a high level of accuracy to avoid wasted coverage and maximize your advertising dollar. 

Reach a new set of New Movers every month!

How New Mover Marketing with Our Town America works:

As a result of our proven new mover programs, we have helped millions of people moving discover amazing local businesses in their new neighborhood for over 45 years.


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Beginner’s Guide to New Mover Marketing

The key to running a successful New Mover Marketing campaign is to begin each interaction with a great first impression.

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